AVCO is a Monaco based Single Family Office with a global investment portfolio.

AVCO Investments is a Monaco based Single Family Office with a global portfolio and many successful investments under management.AVCO Investments is a Monaco based Single Family Office with a global portfolio and many successful .

Tom Misner


Tom Misner, served in various recording studios both in Australia and the US as sound engineer/producer before he founded SAE institute in 1976 and was its driving force until its sale in 2011, when it boasted more than 50 campuses worldwide.

A pioneer of Audio education, Tom has always had a strong interest in the Professional Audio industry, investing directly in studio facilities and Audio technology, also an acoustician, Tom was awarded a Doctorate in acoustics from Middlesex University in 2001.

After the sale of SAE, Tom invested in a diverse range of business ventures both in the professional audio world as well as in technology, mobility, fashion, education and real estate.

Marco Bettelli


Marco Bettelli began his career in Milan, Italy in 1996. Over the last 25 years, Marco has held senior managerial roles in Europe, the Middle East, USA and Australia.

Initially an executive in the educational sphere, Marco has since expanded his experience and knowledge to the professional audio, creative media, technology, real estate and finance sectors. He has been successful in the establishment, development and management of businesses all over the globe.

Marco has been working with the Misner family for over 20 years and has recently established AVCO Investments, a platform for the family to manage their international portfolio of assets. Marco is also an entrepreneur/investor in his own right and is always on the lookout for opportunities to grow wealth, legacy and expertise.

Alex Pluda


After graduating in Audio Engineering in Milan and Digital Marketing in London, Alex commenced his collaboration with the Misner family where, for over 7 years, he has taken part to various Group ventures ranging from the music to the tech field.

In 2017 Alex became General Manager of A maze Inc., one of the first Liquid Digital agencies in Europe.

While his collaboration with A maze Inc. persists, today Alex collaborates directly with AVCO Investments as Executive Assistant, providing support in managing the family portfolio.